SEO Consulting

Do you need a review of the effectiveness of the online marketing strategy plan you have developed? Would you like feedback from a professional or someone to assist you when you are confronting an obstacle you seem unable to overcome?

With fewer leads, you have fewer customers and decreased revenues. If you are in this situation, you may be thinking about hiring an SEO consultant like myself. I help clients formulate their SEO strategies in order to improve their online business revenues and obtain a competitive advantage. I can do the same for you. I’m available for free SEO audits as well as for developing strategies that reveal ways to increase your website’s search engine visibility to generate highly-qualified sales leads.

I can help! I assist startups and small businesses with strategic consulting, site audit, on-page and off-page optimization solutions.

Six Stages Clients Can Expect From SEO Consulting Services

When I work on my client’s SEO projects, I follow a process that includes a rough idea of how long every stage will take. There are some instances when I can eliminate at least one step. How so? It will depend on what the goals are and if the client has done some of the work. I do offer constant a la carte services for clients to consider. When a client comes to me, I estimate each stage on their needs, website complexity and size.

Stage 1 – Learn About The Client

In order to learn about the client, I will email them a survey to learn about their business, successes/failures and prior and present Internet strategies. I go over the client survey with them on the phone or emailing it to them so they can answer and send it back. The idea – to come up with a sound plan – is to understand the client’s business. I need to know what’s been done so far and what the business’ current Internet marketing state is.

Stage 2 – Keyword Research

Both the client and I will sit down and brainstorm about some keywords. I’ll look at the clients’ competitors and use the Google AdWords keyword tool to gain some keyword volume measurements. With every keyword, I will determine how relevant they are to the client’s business – how many searchers become potential customers, evaluate the types of results on Google’s front page (organic, local, image, etc.) and locate possible chances to get the client’s site to Page 1 of Google.

Depending on the client and keywords, I do provide topical analysis. I look at a given topic’s terms and subtopics to see what’s needed in the client’s content. This has become crucial for highly competitive terms. This process can take up to two hours per subject. The cost of the project will be determined by the number of pages the client wants me to look over.

Stage 3 – Site Audit

I’ll do a checklist-based site audit, which means reviewing a website configuration. I’ll look at existing backlinks, navigation, broken links and more.

Stage 4 – Tweaking The On-Page SEO

When it comes to major pages, I offer recommendations on page titles, linking, content, structure, etc. If there are any duplicate content problems related to Google’s Panda algorithm, this will be handled during stage four. The cost for this can vary significantly and can cost more than other stages. It will all depend on how many pages will need to be reviewed.

Stage 5 – Local Search Optimization

It’s important that the business is registered in major local business directories that Google trusts. This stage is recommended whether the business will show up in local search results, and only because it’s the way to attain multiple trusted domains to link back to your website.

Stage 6 – Link Building Ideas

The clients and I will brainstorm on various ways to attain trusted links such as how to get them from established clients and business partners. Brainstorming sessions will also involve ideas on content creation, rewards program, surveys, etc.

Real Results That You Can Measure

While rankings are an important factor to consider, it’s one of several that consist of the ROI. What you need to really focus on is sales. There are several core search marketing factors that can help your sales such as:

  • Pick the right target keywords
  • Keyword rankings
  • Click-through rate on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)
  • Sales conversion rate

Some changes will have some pretty quick effects. For example, you’ll see the results in a few days when a page title is changed or Google Places is set up. However, The changes, such as internal linking structure, content creation and link-building, can take a few months before any impact is seen.