SEO Audit

An SEO website audit is an inexpensive and useful way for determining a website’s problems. This audit covers on-the-page and off-the-page issues as well as an overall competitive analysis. Website audits are not “one size fits all.” Rather, they are specifically designed for a particular website.

The primary goal of an audit is to determine the good points of your site with respect to SEO as well as why your website has poor organic search traffic. Once they are discovered, an audit will list them in order of highest priority so you can efficiently take actions to solve them. The audit also includes a plan-of-action to correct any problems. A Full SEO audit will span the following areas:

  1. Accessibility
    Robots.txt, XML Sitemap, Site Architecture and Performance
  2. Indexability
    The index and actual counts
  3. On-Page Elements
    URL structures, titles, headings, descriptions, duplicate content, lack of content, keyword cannibalization and stuffing
  4. Off-Page Elements
    Backlink profile, domain and page authority, social engagement
  5. Competitive Analysis
    Your competitors’ links, top organic keywords

How to Increase Your Organic Traffic Substantially

Upon identification of the problem areas, I will get back to you with a report that will help you easily understand the current problems, as well as provide you with an action plan for fixing them. I will provide you with a current analysis of your website’s SEO performance. With this information I will provide you with an individualized SEO improvement plan that will assist you in getting on the first page of Google.