SEO for Lead Generation

Should your website’s SEO strategy emphasize search engine rankings or lead generation? Most SEO marketing firms would probably say rankings are more important. But high SEO rankings don’t necessarily mean you will convert your website visitors into paying customers. In other words, top rankings don’t really matter if you don’t convert. Therefore, it’s important to know that lead generation should be considered as important as rankings when starting a new campaign. I am a believer in the power of results-focused SEO for improving your site’s targeted traffic by using keywords that promise high conversion rates in order to generate more sales leads.

With fewer leads, you have fewer customers and decreased revenues. If you are in this situation, you may be thinking about hiring an SEO consultant like myself. I help clients formulate their SEO strategies in order to improve their online business revenues and obtain a competitive advantage. I can do the same for you. I’m available for free SEO audits as well as for developing strategies that reveal ways to increase your website’s search engine visibility to generate highly-qualified sales leads.

Why Choose Me as Your Online Lead Generation Specialist?

If you’re seeking a results-oriented SEO marketing campaigns including on-page optimization, content development and link building services or need some advice on how to best complete an SEO-related project, I can give you the top results your business needs. My honesty, intelligence, and insights are sought after by a growing number of customers. I have a solid reputation as an SEO expert and link building freelancer. I’m a hands-on manager who is involved in every step of my client’s projects.