Keyword Research

High SEO rankings don’t necessarily mean you will convert your website visitors into paying customers. In other words, top rankings don’t really matter if you don’t convert. Therefore, it’s important to know that keyword relevancy should be considered as important as rankings when starting a new campaign. I am a believer in the power of results-focused SEO for improving your site’s targeted traffic by using keywords that promise high conversion rates in order to generate more sales leads.

One of the challenges many clients not experienced in SEO have is that they see only a handful of keywords so they don’t take full advantage of all the relevant keywords. I can conduct research in order to find the right search terms with respect to your business to make sure your site is visible to your potential customers.

The best keywords fulfill two requirements:

  • They are very relevant to the subject matter covered on your website.
  • They are common terms that many people use to find a website. By working with you, I will assemble a list of the best keywords that correlate to your business.

Keywords Are Discovered through Research

Commercial intent keyword research is the process of determining what types of keywords your customers use when they are seeking to purchase items and services. This research forms the basis of the search engine optimization of your website. These keywords are not just any kind of general keywords; rather, they are search terms that correlate to the sales lead conversion rate specific to your website.

In addition, another part of the keyword research is finding the hidden jewels– long tail keywords that attract very focused customers to your website who are seeking to buy products or services. Purchase intent keyword research provides your site with anchor points that will cause search engines to rank your site as having the most relevant, practical, and attractive information.

The benefits of Long-Tail SEO research

  • Provides a metric to determine the level of difficulty in obtaining high ranking for your specific keyword phrases.
  • Directs lots of organic traffic by finding targeted keywords or phrases
  • Obtains the advantage of better understanding the keyword strategy of your primary competitors.
  • Assists you in discovering high intent keywords and phrases that will increase your leads so you earn more sales

When it Comes to Keywords, Conversion is What Counts

Keywords satisfy a variety of purposes depending on the strategy of a particular website owner. But to generate more sales leads, a keyword strategy should focus on search queries that are weighted in such a way that they have a higher likelihood for sales conversions.

While it is true that short-tail keywords have their place in an SEO strategy because of their large search volume, long-tail keywords, which are much more specific and targeted than general keywords, will generate for you a greater return for your marketing budget. My goal is to find the right balance between short- and long-tail keywords, which can drive a decent amount of highly targeted traffic to your business.