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Do You Want More Traffic?

If you’re having trouble getting more leads and sales from your website, this FREE report might help you understand what’s going on. This SEO tool will examine your website and will show you an analysis report together with your site’s Google rankings.

SEO Page Analyzer Tool Helps You Improve Your Website

Input a landing page URL and allow the SEO Page Analyzer tool find possible problems such as website mistakes, SEO mistakes, outdated code and ranking status.

The tool will help you to track and keep high-quality content on your web pages. The SEO Page Analyzer tool works to boost your web pages rankings in search engine results from Bing and Google.

A Closer Look At The SEO Page Analyzer Tool

The great thing about the SEO Page Analyzer tool is that you don’t have to download or create an account to use it. You just need a connection to the Internet to have it scan your pages. Use the advice is offers to boost your pages’ effectiveness. The tool is supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

All you need to do to find out what’s wrong on your page is to input the page URL you want analyzed into the bar and run the analysis. In seconds, it looks over the page, reviewing the data and shows you the results and what optimizations are needed to improve it.

What are the primary benefits of this tool?

  • Quick results – You see what’s wrong and needs done in seconds
  • Effective – You’re provided with an in-depth diagnosis of every issue
  • Descriptive – It’s an easy-to-understand and use tool
  • Exhaustive – The report provides you with important points from the On-Site SEO Analysis

Why Should You Use The SEO Checker?

With so much competition, it’s getting harder and harder to rank your website on Google. There are a plethora of factors that can affect its ranking – performance, page content, backlink profile and social factors. These are used by Google and other search engines to determine where sites should list.

This is why the free SEO tool SEO Analyzer was created – to give website owners, digital agencies and website designers an in-depth look at their website, offering them 100 website data points and detailed recommended actions that can help them boost their website’s performance and presence. All of which can help the site rank higher in Google Search.

It also comes with other free SEO tools for you to use – Meta Tags, Backlink Checker and Robots.txt Generator – that will guide you through the various steps you need to take to better your website.

If you need additional help using the Instant SEO Checker, the blog offers numerous relevant articles as well as tips and tricks that can help you stay ahead of the SEO game.

Keyword Tool

Free Web Page Analyzer is also useful as a keyword tool, letting you know how your keywords are ranking and what the SEO performance is. You can track keyword positions, historical performance, SERPs, competitor rankings and monthly search tool with the keyword tool.

Competition Analysis

If you notice that your competitors’ websites are consistently ranking higher than yours, then the website SEO Analyzer can give you a competitive analysis of where you’re going wrong. It will find the targeted keywords and help you to change your strategy. You’ll be given a good look at how your competitors are outsmarting you.

SEO Report

You’ll be given an easy-to-understand report about your website in seconds, letting you know what’s good and what you need to improve. Bear in mind that the SEO Report is a remote scanner, and although we try offering the best results, it’s not entirely accurate, and positive results are not guaranteed.