A Guide To Saving Money On Postage And Shipping of Direct Mail

The majority of cost-cutting techniques for direct mail campaigns will only save you one or two cents per mail item. However, when you are sending out thousands of direct mail pieces per annum, month, or week, a few cents per item can make a great difference. I am not sure about you, but these cost-saving sounds like a great saving that I would like to partake in if I can. Below are some top tips on how to save money using direct mail shipping and postage.

1. Sorting The Mail

The first method to saving you some money on direct mail postage and shipping is by saving the postal service some time – sort the mail! Believe it or not, the US postal service offers approximately 12.5% discount to all companies that organize their outgoing mail according to zip code. By merely sorting the outgoing mail and delivering it to a central bulk mail center, you can easily cut shipping costs.

2. Use Postcards Instead Of Letters

For a rather small investment, it is possible to send marketing messages to a wide audience from your company. Statistics show that a shipment of first-class standard-sized postcards is approximately 30% less than a shipment of first-class standard-sized letters. Using postcards, you will not only be saving money on costs and shipping but you will also make a unique impression on customers. If you do decide to use stamps, here’s a useful guide on where to buy them – www.usastampguide.com

3. Using An Accurate Scale Or Postage Meter

The postage meter is a mobile device that will accurately weight any direct mail packages and calculates the precise shipping charges. Moreover, it can print shipping labels obtaining the readings of the shipment weight; thereby saving you from having to add a potential “just in case of a shipping problem” postage fee. It should also be noted that using your own scales and postage meters means you will not need to visit the post office to have packages weighed or checked for postage costs.

4. Using A Bulk Mailing Permit

Companies producing thousands of flyers, letters, brochures, or other types of mail items may be eligible for a USPS bulk mailing permit. This bulk mailing permit is beneficial as it allows the company certain discounts regarding direct mail shipping, handling, and postage costs.

5. Ensure The Mailing List Is Correct

To ensure cost-effectiveness of direct mail, it is important that the items are correctly addresses and will reach the correct customer. By using a solid mailing list, it is possible to save significant sums of money and reduce the number of any wasted mailing items.

6. Kitting, Bundling, And Fulfilment

When possible, it is recommended that you use any kitting and fulfilment services available allowing you to ship multiple items in a single parcel.

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