How to Develop an SEO Strategy If You Aren’t SEO Savvy

SEO strategy is an invaluable way to not only support the success of your business, but also to communicate important information about your company. If customers who use search engines can easily find your business online, you are positioning your business to succeed by making sure that the potential of the Web is used in your favor.

Even though SEO is extremely valuable, for the typical business owner, creating an SEO strategy is a very demanding job. Despite the challenge, there are a few things you can do to create an SEO strategy even if you have little or no SEO expertise. I highly recommend you to read my friend’s blog post about how to build a successful website before you start implementing a proper SEO strategy for your website. What follows are a few simple ways to create a productive strategy that will earn benefits for your brand.

Produce Compelling Content

In the world of SEO, compelling content is supreme yet this simple concept is missed by many SEOs. One of the biggest mistakes that people and organizations make regarding SEO is that they stress the volume rather than the quality of their written content. This belief usually leads to failure.

You should spend your time producing compelling content, especially in your blog content. You should always publish content of the highest value, offering your readers excellent suggestions and useful information. This strategy will grow your Web visibility and raise your search engine placement as well as assist in making you appear as an excellent resource for the topics you write about.

content is king

The most frequent error that business owners make is they have low quality content on their websites. Usually, their websites present a stunning graphical design yet offer either a small amount or no written content at all. While a very graphical website design can be fun for the user, the search engines don’t treat it in the same manner. Search engines prefer websites that have textual information that is keyword friendly. In order for the search engines to know what your website is about, so they can correctly index it, they need textual information or content that is keyword friendly.

Don’t ignore the fact that content is central to the overall results of an SEO marketing program. You will need to spend enough time and energy into writing content that will compel your users to read it.

Most business owners need to create an SEO strategy themselves yet they have little time to complete the task. If you have a full schedule with little time left for SEO, apply the 80/20 rule. Accomplish the following critical tasks first: Perform a keyword analysis and select the best keywords to focus on. Ensure that all pages of your site have quality content that is specific to you with each page being optimized for your targeted keywords. Finally, begin the process of building links, which is very important.

Is the 80/20 rule applicable to SEO? Of course! Websites often use the Pareto principle. Some of the most crucial actions for SEO include: high value textual content on all pages of a website, specialized keywords that target every web page’s title, descriptions and the placement of a results-driven link-building strategy. Needless to say, the above suggestions will not be effective until you conduct a complete keyword analysis. This analysis will inform you of what potential customers are asking when they use the search engines.

Never Minimize the Importance of Building Links

Writing high value content should be the initial and most critical task you do in order to create a productive SEO marketing program. Be that as it may, link building has a lot of value and should not be minimized.

Building links is critical to obtain for your website the best comprehensive ranking on the search engines. While it can consume a lot of time to build links, it is crucial to the success of your business. Obtaining links that go back to your website from quality sources like news outlets or big business websites should be your link-building goal. Try to avoid links from second-rate websites, which amount to link-building farms or SPAM. These second-class links can severely damage your search engine ranking over the long term. Once again, stress high value content over a lot of average content.

To find high quality websites from which to obtain links, go to your competitors’ websites and learn and study the links that go back to their websites. You can use Google to determine who your competitors are for the targeted keywords you have selected. You may find websites that you didn’t know were your competitors for the keywords you want to get ranking for. Also, look for a variety of keywords in order to determine which ones promise the best results for you.

It’s Okay to Ask for Assistance

If you own a business, you need to make decisions, assign tasks to your employees, and deal with problems daily. So, if you need help in developing your SEO strategy, it’s quite all right to seek assistance. You can’t do everything and still operate at 100 percent efficiency so if your SEO is not as developed as it should be, feel free to seek assistance from an SEO expert.

There are many SEO professionals available in the marketplace that can assist you in developing, creating, and implementing an SEO strategy that will provide you with real results. So, where do you go to find an SEO expert to work with? The best way is through a personal referral. Seeking out a trustworthy person who can provide you with an SEO strategy that really works is essential.

In choosing an SEO expert to employ, don’t forget to find out their firm’s search engine ranking. The fact is that they should be at the top of the search engine rankings. If they aren’t, then they are unlikely to be able to get top ranking for your business. Review their work portfolio. Examine their website as well. Ensure that they have references and work examples that relate to work done for previous customers. Be mindful that when you look for SEO assistance, you are placing the success of your company’s online business in their hands.

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