How Drone Videos and Photos Can Enhance Marketing Campaigns

The continuing innovations in technology have now made available a way to increase and enliven the marketing strategies of a wide variety of businesses in many business sectors. While drones have existed for a very long time, they have only recently been used to their fullest capabilities.

Many businesses including Toronto Drone Photography Company are now seeing the merits that drones provide for promoting products, properties, plants or locations with the incredible video footage and pictures that drones can offer. You should spend some time studying drone technology and their capabilities if you want to use them to increase and broaden your marketing campaigns.

Let’s Get Familiar with Drones

A drone used to be referred to as an unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). But they also have been called a “flying robot”. Without getting into the technical details of drones (or mini-copters), you should be aware that they all have several common characteristics. They can be remotely controlled by a ground-based pilot or autonomously controlled by an onboard computer. They also have communication links and other equipment to facilitate their operation. Generally speaking, drones can fly for about 15 minutes, but they can stay in flight for up to 30 minutes if they have been fitted with improved, high capacity batteries.

Why Are Drones So Popular Today?

If you compare video footage of ground-based video and aerial-based drone video, you will immediately see how aerial drone video impacts your experience. Aerial drone video will intrigue you because it provides a close up view of the surrounding area that would not be seen very well from the ground. Your audience will receive an all-around ticket to an amazing view that your business is providing.

The legality of flying drones has been a hot topic of discussion in the news today. The rules governing the operation of drones is well defined. A commercial business can operate a drone in US airspace if it has been registered and certified as an aircraft, and the drone has approval to operate in the target area. Finally, the drone must be operated by a pilot with a current pilot’s license.

How You Can Employ Drones as a Marketing Tool

Drones can be used as a primary or secondary tool in your marketing campaigns. Drone video footage and still images offer stunning aerial shots that are truly exceptional when compared to traditional, ground-based photos or video. These incredible, drone-enabled visuals supply added depth and movement to your website, social media pages, commercials etc., creating a persuasive and extremely attractive impact on your potential customers.

how are drones being used

Drone video and images can be used to fundamentally enhance a wide variety of your existing marketing strategies and campaigns. You can add drone videos to the following marketing mediums:

  • Websites and landing pages
  • Social media content
  • Commercials
  • Webinars and sales presentations
  • Blogs
  • Online newsletters and e-blasts
  • Online advertisements

You also can include drone aerial images in the following:

  • Website pages
  • Social media posts
  • Marketing collateral (ad brochures, direct mail campaigns, handouts, etc.)
  • Corporate Reports
  • Trade show displays
  • Digital newsletters and e-blasts
  • Blogs
  • Outdoor advertising (billboards, park benches, bus stops, etc.)
  • Sustainability branding

When you seek the assistance of a professional ad agency that’s highly experienced in video marketing, you will receive much more than raw drone video footage. The web user studies comparing web pages with videos to those without have found that online users spend 87% more of their time on pages with videos. So, integrating drone videos on your web pages can be a critical part of your overall marketing strategies.

You should also include drone videos of your properties, areas, or buildings in your digital marketing campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Since YouTube ranks as the second biggest search engine and the third most visited website on the Internet, it is a great way to promote your business via drone videos. Don’t forget Facebook! It has 9 billion average daily video views. Plus, there is Twitter’s promoted autoplay videos. Altogether, you can benefit by launching far-reaching and creative marketing campaigns that grab attention and have the power to convert followers into sales leads.

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