How Blogger Outreach Can Increase Traffic to Your Website

When we talk about SEO, content always comes in first place, but distribution is a close second. Most site owners know that posting quality content is crucial, yet most of them still are not profiting from their content marketing work. In other words, you need more than great content and a strong strategy to get your site listed on the first page. You need the correct promotion and linking strategies to get great rankings.

The issue here is not one of content publishing platforms or properly marketing to your target customers; rather, it’s a problem of not having a robust backlink base to boost your important SEO metrics, especially, your domain authority and trust rating. Sadly, a lot of online marketers don’t do a good job in these areas because they focus on content distribution and getting their links through many substandard sites.

So, many online businesses squander their time and resources while their competition is obtaining quality links and getting more and more customers. Keep in mind that quality links are obtained from sites that have both great metrics and a healthy amount of social media activity that has an influence on a target audience.

Favorite blogs and commercial sites are what you need to get links with. They are pertinent and have a huge social following. They have market influence and they have high ranking in SERPs. This all leads us to blogger outreach.

Blogger Outreach is Influence Marketing

Blogger outreach (sometimes called influence marketing) is when online brands can take advantage of the social and influential value of seasoned bloggers to endorse their brand with quality content. One of the key benefits of well-known bloggers is that they have a lot of followers who trust them. So, using them you can provide your content an opportunity of obtaining immediate visibility. This target audience will see their blog posts as thoughts from sincere people, believing they are more honest and trustworthy than your company’s social media page.

Blogger outreach is another way of developing credibility. It forms an easy path to connect to your target audience. Another way of looking at it is that you are more less piggybacking on the credibility of a very well-liked blog and developing some of their audience’s trust, resulting in a greater likelihood of their touching your brand in the near future. But the most important thing about using blogger outreach service is that combining it with your link building strategy is extremely good for your SEO.

How SEO Gets a Boost from Blogger Outreach

While Google’s ranking algorithms change all the time, one thing that’s constant is that it always depends on quality link building. Keep in mind that linking from highly trustworthy sites and appropriate sources will increase your visibility and improve your SEO. A single quality link from an influential blogger is much better than 100 dubious links from automated, poor quality websites.

SEO experts rely on three important metrics for determining the worth of a link: domain authority (DA), citation flow (CF), and trust flow (TF). When developing your blogger outreach strategy, you want to focus on getting links from high DA, TF, and CF sites that Google considers pertinent. The greater number of links you can get from these sites, the better your metrics will be. In the end, this strategy will boost your site’s Google search engine ranking.

An added benefit of blogger outreach is that it helps to generate natural and contextual links. In the past, the typical link building strategy was to pay blog networks for linking to you. Blogger outreach is a better way of link building because it makes for a more credible user experience which is what Goggle prefers. When credible bloggers link back to your site, you benefit from both boosting your backlink profile as well as improving your user’s experience when you give them information that they value.

Blogger outreach is a good way to improve your site’s SEO, but you should combine it with other demonstrated link building strategies. When you get a link from a DA site, you’ve improved your competitive position; however, if you don’t use any other strategies that your competition is probably using, such as directories, industry personality biographies, partnership pages, etc., then you’re not taking full advantage of your labors.

Last Words

It may be a challenge to get links from authoritative sites, but something that is highly valued is never easy and that includes SEO. Beyond winning links from high quality sites, blogger outreach can help your organic traffic and open your brand to its proper audience. Influencer advocacy is also fantastic benefit of blogger outreach. The greater a blog’s influence is, the greater the likelihood that you can transform its followers into your consumers.

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