Get Free Wifi at These Toronto Locations

A free WiFi zone is great when want to check emails, the news, look up a location on a map, or have other reason that you absolutely have to connect to the internet while away from home without using your precious data. Now you can even do so while ordering coffee, thumbing through a book, or downing a snack here in Toronto. From restaurants to coffee shops, and even at the library, there are several different kinds of locations where you can get free WiFi within the city for your laptop, phone, or another mobile device.

Here are my top choices for local places offering complimentary public-access WiFi network when you’re away from home, in no particular order. Some of the places might just surprise you too.


mcdonalds store
Unlimited WiFi around the clock is available at many of the McDonald’s restaurants in Toronto, free of charge. Just turn on your electronic device at a participating location and select the relevant wireless network, which usually is called “Wayport_Access.” Get some work done or read emails while enjoying a burger and fries.


starbucks store
When you’re in the mood for coffee, choose Starbucks and take advantage of their WiFi for customers. All company-owned Starbucks locations across Canada offer free, one-click Allstream Wi-Fi. There is no time limit for the service, and the freebie has been in effect since July 1, 2010. Having Internet access is great when you want to enjoy your grande skinny cinnamon dolce latte leisurely.

TTC Subway Stations (All of Them)

ttc subway
Free Wifi is available at all TTC subway stations, through the provider BAI Canada. Some of the stations so far that offer this freebie include Queen, King, Bathurst, Sherbourne, St. Clair, Finch, and Main Street. While the service does not work between stations or in tunnels, your smartphone or another device will reconnect to the Internet automatically when you enter the next WiFi-enabled station.

Toronto Public Libraries (Any Branch)

toronto public library
Head to one of the Toronto library branches and enjoy the complimentary wireless Internet service they offer to the public. It is part of their essential provisions that help to provide equal access to information for all.

Firkin Pubs (Any in Toronto)

firkin pub
While some restaurants have slow Internet connections, the Firkin Pub franchise is not one of them, at least if The Swan & Firkin at 2205 Bloor Street West is any example. There is even a required password to use the service, which gives the user a bit of a sense of security.

Pizza Pizza

pizza pizza store
Pizza Pizza is known for being a Canadian pizza fast-food franchise but what fewer people know is that it offers free WiFi in addition to its delivery and takeout services. With many locations in Toronto, which are open daily, the best way to wait for your dinner to be served up is by getting onto the Internet to find out the latest sports scores.

Tim Hortons

tim hortons store
Ordering a Double Double? Get your coffee exactly how you want it at Tim Hortons Restaurants in Toronto and then sit yourself down to surf the net. As long as you’re a paying customer, you can use the free Internet access, whether it’s on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This feature has been a mainstay in most Timmy’s across Canada since 2012.

Second Cup

second cup store
Now you can get a free WiFi session along with your Caffé Latte or other specialty beverage at one of the many Second Cup coffee shops spread across Toronto. Simply log onto their wireless portal and click Accept & Connect to link to their wireless network. Settle into a leather armchair and enjoy the caffeinated experience.


indigo store
Find another hotspot for unlimited WiFi in Toronto at any Indigo location. Free in-store access is available only to plum rewards and irewards members, but, don’t worry, it doesn’t cost a cent to become a member and it’s quick to join online. Now you can check the sports scores or catch up with friends while browsing bestselling books and other merchandise.

Using Public Free WiFi in Toronto

Free WiFi is a great perk for Torontonians at Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Pizza Pizza, and other Toronto locations, but please be aware that you are signing into open networks that are not fully secure. This means your mobile device is vulnerable while using the location’s wireless service. To help keep your info safe, best practices include enabling a firewall, using SSL connections, and turning off sharing through the Control Panel. Also, by using their network, you agree to their Terms & Conditions, so take a moment or two to read the fine print before you connect to it.

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