Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Why should I hire you as my SEO Consultant?
I can provide a customized, professional service to answer any question or need you have regarding SEO. The easiest part of working with me is that you don’t have to deal with any salesman or account executives who are not knowledgeable in any aspects of digital marketing. I have a demonstrated record of success in providing search engine optimization services with honesty and in an ethical manner.

On top of a successful digital marketing business, I also assist search engine and internet marketing companies all over Canada. I take a personal interest in answering all of your questions quickly and sincerely. I understand that every small business really needs simple, inexpensive and effective SEO solutions.

How much do you charge for your services?
Since every business is unique, I adjust my prices to adapt to the individual needs of my clients. Despite the fact that the setup work is quite similar from client to client, the specific type of optimization work (and also the final cost) that I would do or charge is usually very different for each client.

That’s why most of the time a fixed monthly rate is not the right way to go for all clients. After I understand what needs to be done for you, regarding your market and region, as well as the effort I make to understand your business and goals, I am in a position to produce an optimization plan that is realistic for your budget and time.

The average amount of monthly SEO work is usually about 5 to 10 hours. The way it works out is that below five hours is not enough to give you the push you need to get results, while greater than 10 hours makes it harder to determine which optimization actions cause improvements in ranking.

The cost of a monthly SEO campaign is determined by the following:
  • Amount of targeted keywords
  • How competitive your targeted keywords are
  • Existing keyword rankings
  • Existing backlinks & site authority
  • Your goals, timetable and expectations

A larger budget allows you to target more and better links each month. As a result, your will increase your ranking quicker for competitive keywords.

How is your SEO service different from those of your competitors?
My guiding business principle is to be trustworthy and completely open to both new and current clients. My mission is to not just to sell you a specific amount of backlinks, but to assist you in obtaining more traffic, inquiries and potential business. I am able to do this by optimizing competitive keywords that have a lot of search traffic and increasing your ranking from “below 100” to the “leading 10” (first page) of Google.

Typically, most keywords get ranking in the leading 10 positions within a 3- to 8-month period. However, there are a few low-competition keywords for highly branded websites that get ranking much quicker – in the first 60 days. But very competitive keywords will realistically getting ranking on the first page in up to 12 months. I give an individualized analysis and consultation to every single customer. I closely watch all SEO campaigns because my motto is: Your success is my mission!

What SEO reports will I receive on a Monthly Basis?
The first report you receive will be a benchmark keyword ranking report for every SEO campaign you have. This report will analyze your site’s keyword positions in all major search engines. The subsequent reports will be monthly keyword ranking reports, which will feature weekly or bi-weekly results, depending on how big your campaign is.

A specific, detailed and completely clear and open link building report will be sent to you every month, no matter what your budget size is. It will have a list of the links produced. The report will also have the following information: live URL, anchor text, targeted URL, Page Authority, Domain Authority and Trust Flow (three most popular SEO metrics) for every single link produced within the campaign month.

When should I expect to see SEO Results?
The very early signs of good results from an SEO campaign can be obtained in just three to six weeks, with most of the initial results arising in the third to six month of the campaign. The majority of SEO campaigns actually obtain the best results in the seventh to 1-year mark or more. The fact is SEO is a long-term business and marketing activity. Think of it as a NHL season instead of one single game.

One of the critical ways for understanding when to expect SEO results is to review your current keyword benchmark, so you can know where you rank now. Then you can look at your budget and associated timetable for obtaining first page rankings. Naturally, another way is to look at what you are spending every month on SEO. A bigger budget will of course get you more links and quicker results.

A standard timetable for a 3 to 5 page website would be:
  • begin observing good results in about 3 to 6 weeks. This benchmark is the first indication that the campaign is working.
  • begin seeing your ranking is moving closer to the first page, if not appearing at the end of the first page in 3 to 6 months.
  • remaining at the bottom of the first page and starting to move to the center of the first page in 7 months to 1-year range.
  • moving up to the top of the first page and remaining there within 13 to 18 months from the beginning of your campaign.

If you are already appearing on the first few pages of Google, then you can expect quicker results than mentioned above.

Can your SEO Service Guarantee Me First Page Ranking?
No honest SEO consultant or contracting firm can assure SEO outcomes. Those who say they can make guarantees are not credible. The fact is that SEO algorithms can’t be toyed with or paid for, so there isn’t a method for ensuring top results, or getting on the first page in a definite period of time. But an accomplished SEO consultant can give you with reasonable accuracy an estimate when your desired SEO results can be achieved.

But SEO consultants should commit to giving their clients a link building deliverables report every month. Each SEO service agreement should communicate explicitly what a client will receive in terms of the amount of links that are being produced every month. If you don’t know what your SEO consultant has achieved every month for you, or you aren’t getting itemized link-building monthly reports, you should contact Ege right away.