7 Questions to Ask So You Can Improve Your SEO Campaigns

Some experts have called the time we live in the Age of Data. The data available today can do what wasn’t possible in the past: discover the true progress of your marketing campaigns in real time. While all technology can be overwhelming or even stressful, most marketers believe the benefits in the Age of Data are better than everything else.
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Top 6 Freelance Content Writers in Toronto

Finding a reliable content writer in Toronto who produces top-quality work time after time is no small feat. Thankfully this list will help you the next time you require a blog post, website copy, or written material for marketing purposes. Rather than spending hours online trying to find a reputable freelance content writer, only to find you receive low-quality work from them, I recommend directly contacting these six masters of the written word for your next project in Toronto and expect great results.
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Digital Marketing Programs in Toronto to Start Your Career

A digital marketing certificate provides the skills and know-how a person requires to successfully market a brand or organization using online advertising and content, social media, email, and more. The best digital marketing programs in Toronto are highly-focused graduate certificate programs at Ontario Colleges, including the Social Media Program at Senaca College and the University of Toronto’s Digital Marketing Program.
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Is Keyword Density Significant for SEO Today?

If you were working in the field of SEO 15 years ago, you are aware that keyword density was the talk of the industry. Webmasters and SEO specialists constantly figured out the ratio of keywords to the full word count on a particular page. The thinking was that there was an optimal keyword density for each page, and that when a specific page obtained this value, the page would have a good shot of ranking for that particular keyword.
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