4 Ways To Optimize Your Logo For Better Search Engine Rankings

Local companies, in an attempt to improve their SEO campaigns, tend to focus more on finding tricks that game the rankings system. However, the easiest local SEO tactic to use for any website is logo optimization. The problem, it seems, is that businesses don’t understand or know of it. And, for those companies that do understand it, it means a huge competitive advantage.
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Learn How Content Marketing Improves SEO

If you’re seeking things that can increase your site’s search engine ranking and complete search engine optimization (or SEO), did you know that content marketing may be one way to do it?

Given the fact that you are reading this post, you are already thinking whether you can increase your SEO with content, or if there are SEO benefits with content marketing that you should know about. Read the rest of this article to learn about how SEO and content marketing go hand in hand to get your website ready to reach more possible customers and generate more sales leads.
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7 Common Link Building Mistakes Most SEO Beginners Make

Link building is now a complex strategy that years ago was fairly easy to do. Back then, you could build links anywhere and anyhow you desired and see a corresponding rise in your site’s search visibility. But today is another story. Link building is more diversified, more difficult to crack, and is jammed with myths and misunderstandings caused by the past.
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How to Develop an SEO Strategy If You Aren’t SEO Savvy

SEO strategy is an invaluable way to not only support the success of your business, but also to communicate important information about your company. If customers who use search engines can easily find your business online, you are positioning your business to succeed by making sure that the potential of the Web is used in your favor.
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5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing’s Time Has Come

Social media influencers have come on the scene, and are creating countless opportunities for innovative marketers. It has shaped new channels for brands wanting reach customers more personally, naturally and with scalability.

Due to the global influence of social media, consumers use others to influence what they buy. They used to look to companies, but now they use one another and celebrities who have large followings on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and other websites.
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Three Things You Should Know Before Marketing Your Mobile App

Obtaining new users is only part of it.

If you believe that growing a user base via social media was difficult, then try to persuade users to download your mobile app.

It’s a harder task than you think because of intense competition, keyword glut, and finicky users. Consider the number of instances you downloaded an app, clicked on it, but gave up before getting beyond the login window (I’m really bad on this point). Creating a fantastic app is only the first hurdle. Marketing it to the proper users is another animal in itself. Here are some Resources for Mobile App Marketing that you should consider using when you need some help.
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Strategies for Optimizing Amazon Product Listings

Amazon has a search engine that’s similar to others, so it’s critical for you to consider optimization, or seek out an Amazon SEO expert to learn about the changes in the best practices of optimization that occur from year to year.

If you haven’t been concerned about the optimization of your Amazon product listings, that’s okay, but now is an ideal occasion to develop your optimization plan. Optimizing for Google should be your first thing to do, but if you are an e-commerce business or you spend a lot of your time selling items, Amazon should be the next.
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Understanding The Specs Of Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Its Impact On SEO

When talking about search engine optimization, the user experience is an extremely important part of the process. It’s essential that your website’s load time is quick to ensure users have a worthwhile experience. Fast load times are also crucial to the Google search algorithm, which consider load time when ranking websites.

Content delivery networks work to boost the load time of pages.
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