Three Things You Should Know Before Marketing Your Mobile App

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Obtaining new users is only part of it.

If you believe that growing a user base via social media was difficult, then try to persuade users to download your mobile app.

It’s a harder task than you think because of intense competition, keyword glut, and finicky users. Consider the number of instances you downloaded an app, clicked on it, but gave up before getting beyond the login window (I’m really bad on this point). Creating a fantastic app is only the first hurdle. Marketing it to the proper users is another animal in itself. Here are some Resources for Mobile App Marketing that you should consider using when you need some help.
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Strategies for Optimizing Amazon Product Listings

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Amazon has a search engine that’s similar to others, so it’s critical for you to consider optimization, or seek out an Amazon SEO expert to learn about the changes in the best practices of optimization that occur from year to year.

If you haven’t been concerned about the optimization of your Amazon product listings, that’s okay, but now is an ideal occasion to develop your optimization plan. Optimizing for Google should be your first thing to do, but if you are an e-commerce business or you spend a lot of your time selling items, Amazon should be the next.
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SEO References 2017: An Index of Useful SEO Books


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a topic that’s not only my specialty, but is also my career passion. My customers frequently request from me the best reference books on SEO published recently. Well, this is the list, dear readers: my comprehensive directory of books on SEO, including convenient links if you want to purchase from Amazon.
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How To Increase Your Sales Using Review Sites

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Did you know that 85% of people will trust an online review just as much as they trust a personal recommendation?

No longer are customers just stopping in and looking around a store. These days, people will do research on a store before they walk in. They’ll read Internet reviews about the company to give them an idea of whether or not it’s a company to do business with. Reviews do matter – again, 85% of them will trust an online review like they do a personal recommendation.

They matter… a lot!
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The 15 Top SEO Gurus of 2017

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As you probably know, SEO best practices are always changing. There are new algorithm releases that you have to know about and the changes you have to make in response. Understanding how these changes impact your strategy can be challenging. To make it easier, digital marketing gurus exist to help us stay up to date on the changes and give us advice on the fuzzy world of search engine optimization.
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4 Tips To Increase Your Freelancing Reach With Facebook Ads


There are more than one billion active users on Facebook from all around the world. Some use the social media site to connect with family and friends. Others are companies who use it to reach out to their customers.

Are you a freelancer who’s finding it difficult to get a freelance job? If so, then consider Facebook ads. Many freelancers have found their success through the platform. Of course, you need to ensure you’re using the right strategies and targeting techniques that your primary audience sees your ads. How can you make that happen?
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