5 Ways an SEO Campaign Can Help Your Business Grow

You’ve been told about how search engine optimization can make a positive impact on your lead generation and web traffic. And even though you may not understand the technical aspects of SEO, you know it can improve your marketing. Yet, you’ve put it off and placed it on your future to-do list. Have you asked yourself, Why?

Perhaps you have doubts that SEO can benefit your business, or even that now is the right time to invest in it. You may be caught between thinking now’s not the right time to use SEO and thinking it’s too good to be true and doesn’t work the way people say it does.

My advice to you is not to wait. You should consider employing an online marketing company with a strict ROI focus such as SMR Digital immediately. Why? I have been involved in the SEO business for over ten years and I have seen how it works and the positive impact it can make a business. If you’re still a bit hesitant, then think carefully about the following SEO facts:

1. SEO will provide long-term ROI for your business.

When implemented properly, SEO is the approach that many businesses and marketing professionals use for business development and customer acquisition. For example, one survey found that 441 online marketing pros (or 93 percent of the survey takers) indicated that they will either spend the same or more money on SEO. Granted, SEO isn’t a magic bullet. You have to consider it a long-term investment. It takes some money in the beginning to start your SEO campaigns, which can be intimidating since some digital marketing agencies charge thousands of dollars per month for SEO services.

But the up-front costs of SEO is not the entire story. Take into account the increased search and referral web traffic as well as the improved business branding and you’ll quickly realize that SEO’s value will accelerate over time (a concept I will talk about in greater detail later.)

roi of seo vs roi of ppc
A long-term investment in SEO will provide greater return on investment (ROI) than pay-per-click (PPC) if it is implemented properly. That’s the catch. To implement SEO you need skills, knowledge and abilities.

2. This is the classic age of SEO.

There are those in the industry who believe the classic age of SEO occurred before the Panda and Penguin algorithms were implemented — when “dark” schemes and shady approaches that were possibly manipulative yet still could work.

But the current age of SEO offers a lot of great possibilities for any business: numerous opportunities for creating better search visbility, approachability and the elimination of dark approaches that your competition may have used to block your access to business development. Search engines are now better at the evaluation of content quality and website usability. Unfortunately, search visibility may decrease as answers and digital assistants see increased use and pose a threat to the search engine business.

Now is the right time to implement SEO in your business because of the support and the positive prospects. Today is the right time to dive into SEO.

3. SEO provides higher long-term ROI through compounded returns.

Why does SEO give you revenues that compound as time passes? The simple answer is the content and the links you created are permanent. Look at it this way: the longer your maintain the content, the longer people will know about you so your social media followings will increase. In the process, you will still be getting more referrals and conversions. Altogether, this will steadily increase your domain authority and search visibility.

Furthermore, you will ultimately develop a reputation such that you will get more inbound links and mentions. As a result of all these elements, you will experience the compounding effect of SEO. So, the earlier you implement SEO, the quicker you will obtain its long-term benefits.

4. Your competition is already taking advantage of SEO.

The benefits of SEO are not a secret. That’s why you can bet that your competition is taking advantage of SEO. Doing so, they are obtaining a competitive edge by securing top ranking positions on search engines through very profitable keywords. By waiting to implementing SEO, you are letting your competition grow and build their position at your expense.

Your competition is also building their territory by focusing on new keywords as well. This means that by delaying your implementation of SEO, you are denying yourself the competitive opportunity of securing new keywords and obtaining greater visibility that is, unfortunately, being secured by your competition.

5. SEO is a low risk investment that you should implement no matter what the level.

Do not be intimidated by the complexity of SEO’s technical aspects. As you get into SEO you will be told by SEO agencies that you need to sign up for a year contract to see SEO’s impact on your business. This isn’t always correct. A long-term contract is not required to see the benefits of SEO. My clients are not committed to signing a contract with me. I let them select their level of investment based on their interest, budgets and comfort zone. SEO provides infinite opportunties so any level of SEO can be beneficial to you.

As the old saying goes, the earlier you start, the earlier you will see the benefits of SEO on your business’s bottomline. As I stated earlier, SEO is a long-term investment that will help you generate more revenues. By investing in SEO right now, you will prevent your competition from getting an edge.

By waiting, it will be harder to see the benefits of SEO since your competition will have a big head start. Don’t delay SEO forever.

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  1. I agree with SEO really help generate quality leads for your business. I am not sure about the long term ROI with SEO as what I have noticed, as soon as I stop SEO, my rankings (after 3-5 months) start dropping. Yes I maintain some of them however not all and for the same terms I ranked number 1 or on page 1, I will be down to page 2 or further. So another key is to be consistent with you SEO efforts. My 2 cents.

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