5 Tips To Get Quality Inbound Links To Your Website

No matter what industry you work in, you can avoid wasting time and effort that could ruin any inbound link strategy you set in motion. How?

1. Develop Content That’s Worth Sharing

Make sure to upload new content that people will want to share – it’s the quickest way you’ll see inbound links. When people see content they like and want to share, they’re going to share it then with their followers and friends. Therefore, your key focus needs to be producing content that people will want to share right then and there.

Whether you are planning to buy articles or not, there are some elements you should consider adding into posts to boost your chances of them sharing your content.

  • Shock Factor
  • A headline that will capture people’s attention with an interesting fact or opinion.

  • Enlightening Information
  • Create useful content that is unique and will enlighten your readers’ lives.

  • Humor/Originality
  • People love sharing things that get them laughing. Go ahead and inject some of this into your posts.

2. Write About Current Happenings

When you write about current going-ons, you’ll typically insert a link from more recent articles. If you have a business blog, post content that deals with current industry affairs, which will encourage bloggers to link to your page as a reference to their own work. Bear in mind this will happen over time, usually between one and seven days after it’s been put online.

Even better is when a blogger writes about current affairs and the page winds up on Google’s page one for keywords and phrases – this will lead to a large influx of inbound links.

3. Establish A Powerful Social Media Presence

Once the art of creating and uploading shareable posts is done, you can use sites such as Twitter and Facebook to get same-day exposure for the content. Companies that have popular social media accounts and lots of followers tend to get a regular amount of traffic and natural inbound links.

On top of that, your site will eventually become a site for authority and rise in the search engine rankings.

4. Boost Post Visibility Through Social Bookmarking Sites

When you know how to produce amazing, eye-catching content and can use social networking, it’s time you start using other sites such as Reddit and Stumbleupon, which is a bookmarking and directory site. There are all kinds of websites that you can partake in. And, after you sign up to become a member, you just need to post a link back to your website and see what happens in terms of inbound links.

5. Create and Upload Infographics and Videos

According to marketing studies, videos and infographics tend to be more shared more often than written posts. While media production tends to be a bit harder to do than writing a post, the results you get are definitely worth looking into.

The good news is you don’t have to go above and beyond your budget to create a professional video. You can easily earn inbound links with a simple YouTube channel or do something for yourself.

Do You Need To Wait For Results?

There’s no doubt that organic results are better for establishing site authority, but if you want instant results, you can do a more aggressive approach. Use the five tips above, and you can rest assured that your business’ website will see results very quickly.

Once the momentum has been established and you have a routine that covers everything, it would be best if you focus on more long-term techniques to produce some automatic results for the months to come.

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  1. Great post Ege, I have been using the infographic technique for a while now and it’s been very effective for getting links. Our last infographic has gotten us over 10 links from high quality blogs which is more than great, from a ROI stand point.

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