3 Tips on Selecting the Best SEO Provider

Do you need assistance in selecting the best SEO provider for your company? Every SEO Company will say they are top of the line — here’s how to determine who is the best.

I’m weary from hearing about businesses getting bad service from unprofessional SEO providers so I decided to take some action to improve the SEO industry.

Sometimes I believe I’m like an SEO doctor with too many patients calling me because they need healing after having been cheated. I want to ensure that anyone who is thinking about SEO has the right information so they make knowledgeable choices and this includes knowing the perils of selecting an ineffective SEO company. My goal is that you will find what I have to say useful.

My 3 Best Recommendations That Will Help You Choose Wisely

1. Verify that they can rank a website

A successful SEO strategy thrives or fails on an SEO company’s skill at getting its clients’ website ranked. If it can’t get you on Google’s first page of search results — you’ve lost the game. The fact is most SEO companies are happy to give you their success stories, but few mention their failures.

You can request that an SEO provider who wants to do business with you give you their customers’ results, which may or may not be proof that all of their customers’ get ranked, or you can do a quick test: see what the ranking of their website is. Why is their own website’s ranking a good indication of their skills at getting ranked? For an SEO website, getting visibility on Google is harder than just about anything else. If its own website is ranked high, then you pretty much know they are a good choice for an SEO provider.

Here’s what to do:

  • Open your web browser of choice and click to google.ca
  • Conduct a search on Google with the following keywords, which are a few of the most highly valued keywords for an SEO provider who is trying to obtain ranking; SEO Company, Winnipeg SEO, SEO Services in Canada
  • Write down the various SEO providers which have the best overall visibility (i.e., on Google’s first page of organic results).

2. Verify that they know how to target the relevant keywords

Did you notice the keywords that they were targeting for their customers? How relevant were the keywords to their customer’s business and target market? Were the keywords non-branded, very competitive and extremely valuable? The fact is that it doesn’t take much skill to get ranking for a customer’s own brand name as well as for string of not especially competitive, low search volume keywords that are not searched for that much.

If you are talking to the best SEO companies they will be skilled at determining the high value keywords that should be targeted by their customers. They will also be very capable at running a successful SEO program that will get a customer high visibility for their keywords of choice.

Here’s what to do:

  • Request keywords for which the SEO provider obtained ranking on Google’s first page. Plus, get the monthly search volume for those keywords as well.
  • You need to verify that these keywords i) get enough search volume and ii) are relevant to their customers’ line of business. You have to determine whether users who search for their customers’ services or products actually use those search terms?
  • Become aware of which SEO providers demonstrate that they are competent at targeting the correct keywords (relevant keywords along with adequate search volumes equals well targeted keywords).

3. Determine their skill at measuring success and correctly tuned to your business goals.

What do you need from SEO? What do you desire to accomplish with the assistance of your SEO provider? Improved rankings? Naturally, yes — but how come? Getting higher search ranking is a characteristic of SEO, not an advantage. What is your ultimate objective? You are probably seeking to find ways to build your company through more traffic, visibility, sales, leads, bookings etc. You’re seeking a marketing strategy that will assist you in accomplishing all these things while at the same time giving you high value and greater returns (ROI). I’m curious to why our customers seek to do SEO, over and above getting better rankings, because knowing this assists us in giving them a better SEO strategy so they can accomplish their business objectives.

Here’s what to do:

  • Request that the SEO company provide you with the metrics that they use to track their customers’ SEO campaigns (are they simply measuring rankings, or are they tracking traffic, goals, conversions and revenue?)
  • Take note of which SEO providers use a multi metric approach to track the performance of their customers’ SEO activities.


Selecting the best SEO provider can either make you successful or doom your online business. Perform your research and don’t accept the least expensive SEO provider, which is undoubtedly a formula for failure. Exceptional SEO that gives your online business long-term and repeatable results takes a large amount of skill, time, effort and resources. There is no easy around it. Make sure that the SEO provider that you choose to work with has a demonstrated record of achievement, offers transparency on all the work they do for you, and uses proven SEO strategies that comply with search engine guidelines.

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  1. Hi Ege,
    I think lack of SEO knowledge is the main reason, companies fall into wrong hands in the first place.
    Before hiring any SEO agency, companies should learn a thing or two about keyword research and ROI as well.
    That was a very good post by you.

    1. Jhasketan, this is so true. Many company owners even don’t know what is SEO and how does it work. I think that all of us who want to grow some kind of business need to have at least some basic knowledge about SEO.

  2. This is really useful, especially for companies who are getting in touch with SEO for the first time . It is a vast sea of information, and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’re gonna get lost.

    A nice and comprehensive article,

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