11 SEO Tips To Boost Your Organic Traffic From Canada

Canadian shoppers, when doing a search for products/services online, tend to use certain search words that denote they’re looking for a particular Canadian business. For example, they may be searching for a local computer store, and in the search engine type in “Buy laptops in Surrey, BC”. No matter what business you have, search engines will use various methods to determine where a business is located.

One of the algorithms they use includes keywords – keywords that include the location of a business will let the web crawlers know to display your website as a result for a searcher. The algorithm can also display results that are based on the user’s identifying data such as IP address.

11 Ways You Can Optimize Your Canadian Business For Local Search Engines

The lack of search engine optimization is one of the biggest reasons Canadians are unable to find national or local companies – whether it’s to purchase services online or buy products in person. With website optimization, you give your business an advantage over competitors in getting the attention of potential customers. Do you want to optimize your website for local searches?

Location Keywords

Create a list of keywords that relate to your business, adding in the location. For instance, you can type in “Coffee shop Red Deer” Be sure you use these keywords without making it sound odd. You want it to sound natural, adding them to your company information, production information and shipping pages. Add them to your blog posts. Remember, though, don’t overdo it, as your site will be penalized.


Place your address at the bottom of every website page – this helps to establish trust too.


Testimonials that includes customers’ names, city, country and province can be added to product pages.

Image Alt Tags

Place location keywords in your alt tags, descriptions, titles and image file names. For instance, if you run a shoe repair shop, you can name a product/service picture “Shoe_Repair_Winnipeg_Canada.jpg” and
“Shoe repair services in Winnipeg, MB” in the HTML image information, product details and caption.


Buy a .ca domain extension or provincial domain extension (.bc.ca) so search engines will recognize your business as being Canadian. Major search engines let you to specify your location manually if you have an international domain extension, such as .com.

Whois Lookup

Make sure to look over your website information in the Whois database to ensure it’s current.


Manually submit your website to Canadian, city and provincial directories – Canada One Business Directory, Industry Canada, 411.ca etc.


Add local keywords to your blog posts and titles, which can offer a vast array of SEO benefits.

Guest Posts

Provide Canadian blogs with guest blogs, adding your website link to your author bio. Guest blogs help boost exposure to local customers and give search engines something else to follow.

Social Media

Your social media profiles should include your location information.

Local Events

Support local charities and provide organizers with your website URL. These events tend to be shared online, and organizers will mention who sponsored the event.

If you want Canadian shoppers to know you’re in business, you need to make them aware you’re around. Optimize your website and add in location information so search engines will display it when someone searches for businesses in your area.

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